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Ladies – it’s time to throw out the patriarchal calendar; it was invented to throw us off our natural flow of energy and put us at a disadvantage in a man’s working world. The 12-month calendar regulates us to an system designed to trap us in the Matrix. But no more! It’s time to break free of this prison and reinvent time, space and our own New Earth business network — free of external limitations and boundaries. 

New Earth runs on synchronicities, attraction and divine timing. And guess what, we — the divine feminine — are the new Masters of Mother Earth. Join Moon Phase Launches today to be a part of the empowered online movement. 

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If you’re tired of being disorganized and lost in your business, you need two things: 

  1. An intuitive system that you can repeat every month, and
  2. A community of like-minded female entrepeneurs to keep you accountable and focused.

The moon cycle and phases is a complete system that is already designed and, guess what, our bodies are naturally in tune with it. All we need to do it sync our business activities to match the phases. 

Moon Phase Launches helps you stop chasing squirrels and start doing the Important Tasks to start, create, launch and sell your products online. We show you how and walk you through it. 

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Allison Kessler

I created this membership community for soulpreneurs around the world to join together and create New Earth with our products and services spreading beauty, love and joy.

I am… Rising Virgo / Sun in Aquarius / Moon in Pisces… at your service.