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Start your next digital product

New moon vibes are the perfect time to start your next digital product. This first week of the 28-day moon cycle is made for brainstorming your idea, creating your intention, listening to your doubts and fears, and talking to your target market. Take a closer look at each element in this dark chrysalis period below. 

Get Started in 5 baby steps


When a new business idea is brewing, it may not yet have taken form. You can flush out your idea through meditation and journaling. Move your FIRE SPARK idea onto the material EARTH PLANE. 

Intention Statement

Dreaming about your next Big Business Idea is one thing. Committing to it in a signed agreement with yourself makes it real. We've got a an Intention Statement template ready for you to use inside the membership area. Join our weekly moon circle calls for help completing yours. 

Doubts & Fears

Your hopes, doubts and fears need acknowledgement, attention and unconditional love. We've got a worksheet to help you through this delicate phase, as well as our membership support system. 


It is important to engage in conversations with your customers and prospects through surveys and interviews. Start this early on to mitigate wasted time, energy and money. In our membership area, we've got lots of resources to help you complete this step.

Decision Time

New Moon Milestone: It's time to say Yes or No to your idea. Will you start creating it, does it need some refining, or is it back to the drawing board for this puppy? 

I create,

I launch

I sell

my stuff.