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Breathe, Realign, Celebrate

Last quarter moon vibes are the perfect time to look in the mirror and give yourself a high five.  Take a closer look at each element in this phase below as we slow down and process things. 

5 Steps to facilitate reflection

Realignment Exercise

When a new business idea is brewing, it may not yet have taken form. You can flush out your idea through meditation and journaling. Move your FIRE SPARK idea onto the material EARTH PLANE. 

Feelings Check

How do you feel? The importance of this step is to acknowledge your feelings. There is no right or wrong way of feeling. When you honor and love your feelings, you honor and love yourself. During our weekly group calls, we'll regularly ask this question so you don't forget to do it! 

Celebrate Successes

It's time to take a moment to do a business "I am grateful." If you start by celebrating the little successes, you retrain your brain to focus on the positive. And then you get MORE SUCCESSES! This is truly a magical process. 

Record the Lows

The caption on the screen in this photo says it all, "Looks like you need to go back to space ship school." Sometimes we can lose our way in the lows. The Universe keeps sending us experiences to get us on the right path. The better path. Have faith! 

Make Improvements

Continuously make corrections and improvements as you work and learn. It all comes together, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. The trick is to keep moving. 

Self Care Day

No matter what happened this month, you've earned a self-care day. Think of at least 1 beautiful way to pamper yourself... like a bubble bath or curling up with a non-work fiction type book. If you're in the mood, pop into the community for an informal gab session! There's no agenda for this free flowing group call held every New Moon Eve. 

I create,

I launch

I sell

my stuff.