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The full moon energies give you that extra boost for a stellar launch! Let your eagerly awaiting tribe know about your new offering and how they can get their hands on it. Stay the course with your Launch Plan. Take a closer look at each element of the Full Moon Phase below. 

5 Steps to Launch. It's time to sell!

Launch Plan

At Moon Phase Launches, organization is the key to success. Create your master Launch Plan first before you start freaking out because you don't know what to do. Your Launch Plan puts you in charge of you and your creative project. 

Review Goals, Set Dates

Refine your goals and add to them if you need to. A bunch of small goals add up to completing your Big Goal. Setting dates sets your plan into motion so that the Universe knows what you want by when. Start broad. Increase specificity. Be flexible. "This or something better!" 

Design Your Sales Flow

Map out a diagram of how your customers flow through your sales process. For example: 1. Land on Sales Page, click-through to Checkout, complete payment processing, redirect to custom Thank You page. Review all the corresponding emails to be sent. Then update your Launch Plan with the specifics. It's important to TEST the flow to make sure it's all working properly. 

Promotions & Campaigns

You need to create your Content Calendar for all of your marketing campaign. Start with your end date and work backwards. Your end date is when the doors close on your offer. If you don't have an end date, assign a "milestone date" instead. Create your content calendar for your promotions and campaigns leading up to your End Date. 

Deliver on your Promise

What happens after the doors close? Make sure your customer gets their product or service. Try and "Knock Their Socks Off" so that they become a loyal customer and an avid referrer. 

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