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Create your digital product

1st Quarter Moon Vibes is the perfect time to do the actual creation part of making your new product. Kick off this stage with your Project Plan to keep you on track. Get to work recording your videos and podcasts, designing your PDFs and eBooks, writing your content, getting people to proofread it, and putting it altogether into your FINISHED PRODUCT. Take a closer look at each element strategically placed into the 1st Quarter Moon Phase below! 

6 Steps to Create Your Digital Product

Project Plan

Writing and completing your Project Plan is a Big Deal. This is your MASTER PLAN from with all other tasks and deliverables are born. After trying a few different apps to do this, we think Asana is the most powerful project management tool ever invented. Our Project Plan template is included in the Moon Phase Launches membership. 

Skills & Interests

The most important part of creating your "digital product" is completing it. What parts are you excited to do yourself? What parts should you offload? Technical problems can be so frustrating, so be proactive and honest. 

Delegate, Hire, Outsource

Continue to think Big Picture as your priority is to Get 'Er Done. Plus, it's more fun to work as a team and this forces you to build a network of experts for future creative work.

Write, Film, Record, Design

Now's the fun part. Schedule in work time to create your actual product. Batch it together to optimize your production line. Once you get in the flow, do everything you can to stay there for as long as possible. Send your kids to their grandparents, book a hotel room, do whatever it takes to create all the pieces you need for your creative project. You deserve this! 

Compile & Edit

This part can be a bit tiring. Set aside triple the amount of time you think you'll need for this step. Recruit help if needed. Keep focused on your end goal. You are so close to finishing, push through to completion. Have a talk with your inner perfectionist about when it's "good enough" and do what you can. 

Review & Get Feedback

With your completed digital product in hand, review the whole thing front to back and make notes. Have a friend look it over too to give you a 2nd set of eyes to pick up stuff you are blind to at this stage. 

I create,

I launch

I sell

my stuff.