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28-Day System

An intuitive system designed to keep you working in flow

This isn’t a WHY system, this is a HOW-TO system. You are an online entrepreneur looking for an intuitive system you can apply to your promotions and campaigns so you can start, create, launch and sell your online products quicker and more efficiently

Whether you are putting together a lead magnet, an ebook, an online course, a membership website, or any other physical or virtual product you want to sell online through your website (or sales funnel system), this system is a complete shift into a new paradigm of Getting Your Stuff Out There. 

The 4 phases of a Moon Phase Launch

New Moon

When a new business idea is brewing, it may not yet have taken form. You can flush out your idea through meditation and journaling. Move your FIRE SPARK idea onto the material EARTH PLANE. 


1st Qtr Moon

Create your digital product by leveraging the super energizing, creative vibes of this moon phase. Anything goes as you write, record and design your way to a finished product! 


Full Moon

The full moon energies give you that extra boost for a stellar launch! Let your eagerly awaiting tribe know about your new offering and how they can get their hands on it. Stay the course with your Launch Plan. Learn more about the Launch Phase...


Last Qtr Moon

Last quarter moon vibes are the perfect time to look in the mirror and give yourself a high five. Take a closer look at each element in this phase as we slow down and process things.


I create,

I launch

I sell

my stuff.