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We are a community for heart-centered entrepreneurs to support each other in our online business initiatives. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village of like-minded solopreneurs to cheer each other on, provide advice and recommendations, and be there for each other’s launches.

The new age of Aquarius tells us that Group Work is so much more powerful than slugging away by our lonely selves. The Moon Phase Launches membership features two key components: 

28-Day System

for a Moon Phase Launch

Moon Planning Circle

weekly accountability calls

Our intuitive 28-Day System provides all of the worksheets, handouts and exercises you’ll need to work your way through your Online Product Launch. Although it’s provided as a complete system, you can select the elements that you need right now to Get ‘Er Done

Our Moon Planning Circle weekly accountability calls are where we share our wins and get help on our challenges. Led by Allison Kessler, the inventor of Moon Phase Launches, our community keeps us all on track to Be Successful Online Business Owners. Need some encouragement? That’s what we’re here for! Need some proofreaders and testers? That’s us! Develop your online product in a supportive, nurturing and safe space before putting it out to the world. 


Guiding & Supporting Soulpreneurs

Hi, I’m Allison Kessler, Aquarian inventor and your Moon Phase Launch Coach. I’m a spiritual entrepreneur and talented web designer — in other words, I know the techy knowledge you need to get your digital products out to the world… and have the spiritual training and expertise to integrate deeper meaning, sacred space and soulful connections. 

I work with DIY website owners and crafty ladies who are making it up as they go along. Entrepreneurs are trail blazers. Let’s do it together. 

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together, love and joy

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